Amid a gender discrimination scandal in Louisville, Kentucky, Metro Public Works Director Ted Pullen made the decision to vacate his position Friday, August 31. Paula Wahl, the city's first female county engineer, alleges that Pullen treated her differently than her male coworkers.

As a result, Wahl filed a lawsuit against Pullen at the end of last month, and says her superior, "has a history of gender-based discrimination and harassment, and is currently being investigated by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission relative to another Louisville Metro employee’s allegations," according to

Wahl also states that she was given approximately $83,600 a year, an income that she alleges was substantially lower than that of men who held the job.

Wahl also says that she isn't the first one to file such a lawsuit against the former director. There is purportedly one other sexual discrimination complaint that is being looked at.

Pullen is denying the accusations and saying that the decision to leave was "personal." In fact, according to the news source, he said "It’s just time for me to do something else. I’ve got one more good career in me.''

Along with his job title, Pullen will be leaving behind a yearly salary that totaled $109,000.

The trial date has not been made public as of September 10.

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