Six former employees of a Hertz in Minnesota have filed a class action discrimination lawsuit against the rental car company, alleging that because they are Muslim and from East Africa, they were the targets of frequent harassment in the workplace.

Local ABC news affiliate KSTP-5 reports that the six had worked at Hertz without incident until 2007, when a shift in management suddenly sparked a series of harassment and discrimination incidents aimed at the plaintiffs. One example cited by the complaint alleges that the employer began mandating that "Muslims from Somalia and Ethiopia" would have to place any of their food in one designated refrigerator, while not being allowed to use the other one.

This kind of treatment persisted for three years, from 2007 to 2010, with the six employees afraid of speaking out against their boss for fearing of losing their jobs. Incidentally, many of Hertz's Muslim employees were systematically pushed out or fired during that three-year period, including one man who had worked at the company for 10 years.

"The way I lost the job — it was unfair, it was discrimination," the man told the news outlet, noting that losing his job meant his three kids were then forced to go without health insurance.

It was not disclosed how much the plaintiffs are seeking in damages.

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