The city of Albany, Oregon has just settled a $225,000 whistleblower lawsuit filed by a city police officer.

Officer Steve Corder, first filed his suit in the Linn County Circuit Court back in 2012. The complaint alleged that he was passed over for promotion several times after repeated efforts to get his department to address a growing backlog of uninvestigated sex crimes. The statute of limitations had either just expired or was about to expire in most of these cases, meaning that, even if they had been successfully solved, the department would be unable to charge the perpetrators.

The deal awards Corder and his attorney $225,000 in exchange for dismissing the lawsuit against the city. While a recent press release issued by the city claims that they still deny Corder's allegations, it added that "both parties are glad to put this matter behind them, which will allow them both to move forward without further distraction."

Now that the suit has been resolved, Corder plans to continue his work with the patrol division of the Albany PD, something he never stopped even as his complaint was being investigated. The settlement was negotiated by the city's insurance provider, who will be covering the full amount.

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