It's important to note that there are many reasons to file a wrongful death lawsuit, and they don't always have to do with seeking monetary compensation. Often, one of the goals is to find out more about the circumstances that led to a loved one's premature death, and to determine who was really responsible. These facts don't always come to light during a criminal investigation. 

Getting the full story is the principal motivation behind a new wrongful death lawsuit that was brought against the Alhambra Police Department in California. The family of Tony Khanh Nim has sued the department in order to get answers about the death of Nim, who was killed when he entered a police department, pulled a knife out of his backpack and approached officers.

"We tried to get the police reports, the investigation reports," Mark Quigley, attorney for the estate of Tony Khanh Nim, told the Pasadena Star-News. "None of that was released to us. We could not get any of the investigation reports, including the police video."

The suit seeks unspecified monetary damages and funeral costs. But it's also an attempt to get the real story behind NIm's death. Reportedly, Nim, who was homeless and suffered from mental illnesses, walked into an Alhambra Police Station in May of last year and began pacing the office without speaking to anyone. After pulling a knife, police officers fired multiple gunshots, despite the fact that at least one officer had a stun gun.

 If you have recently lost a loved one prematurely and you believe that another individual or party is responsible, you may have the grounds to file a wrongful death lawsuit. For more information, we suggest calling the Kansas City attorneys at the Meyers Law Firm today!