Kathy Rogers used to work as an office specialist for the Oregon Teacher Standards and Practices Commission. She was fired in October 2012 and claims it wasn't because of her job performance, but her health.

The Statesman Journal, a local news publication, reports that Rogers suffers from Graves' disease, an autoimmune disorder that engenders feelings of fatigue and weakness. According to her complaint, officials at the state agency refused to "make reasonable accommodations for her disability such as modifying her work schedule and retaliated against her for voicing concerns and requesting medical leave."

Rogers alleges that not only was she laid off from her current position because of her health problem, but was also denied consideration for other jobs within the commission for the same reason. The Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries investigated Rogers' complaint last year and found "substantial evidence" of employer discrimination over her medical leave, as well a general failure to work around Rogers' schedule as necessary. 

Additionally, Rogers accuses the commission of retaliating against her because of her attempts to form a union back in 2011. 

The case, which had been pending in federal court since January and was dismissed in July, was entered to the Marion County Circuit Court earlier this month. Rogers is seeking $599,665 in damages.

Whether because of age, sex, race, religion or health, discrimination in the workplace is never okay and should never be dismissed by employees. If you believe you have been treated differently, harassed or fired by your employer for any of these reasons, contact The Meyers Law Firm right away. Our team of experienced employment discrimination lawyers can oversee your case in court and fight for any damages you might be owed.