A jury has just awarded a man with $20,000 following his successful discrimination lawsuit against the City of Gadsden, Alabama.

Michael Frazier first filed his suit in 2013, arguing that the city has passed him over as a candidate for its police force, despite the fact that he had higher qualifications than candidates hired in his place.

Frazier first took the city's civil service exam on August 24 of 2011, where he placed ninth on the list for police eligibility. Applicants on the list generally stay there until they are offered a job, are disqualified, or ask to be taken off. At the time of his placement, the city was undergoing a hiring freeze.

The case alleges that the city's chief of police asked for the gender and race of each of the applicants. By the time a position opened in the following January, Frazier received an interview, but the opening was given to the white female with the highest score on the list. Two subsequent openings were then filled by black applicants, one of whom was ranked lower than Frazier on the list.

Ultimately, the suit argued that the city had unlawfully discriminated against Frazier and other white applicants based on their race and engaged in hiring practices that ignored his federally protected rights.

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