In a recent announcement from the Department of Justice (DoJ), the Texas-based tavern chain 'Kung Fu Saloon' has reached a settlement over a discrimination lawsuit. The suit, brought forward by the DoJ, claimed that the chain frequently discriminated against patrons of African-American and Asian-American heritage. It went on to allege that on dozens of separate occasions, the chain barred African-Americans and Asian-Americans entry, citing dress code violations while allowing entry to white customers with similar attire.

In May of 2014, DeAndre Upshaw launched a social media campaign criticizing the chain's Dallas location after he was denied entry due to a violation of an un-posted dress code. In response , the bar's managers claimed they were investigating these claims and eventually posted an official dress code.

As part of their settlement with the Department of Justice, the Saloon is now required, at all of its locations, to:

  • Publicly post their dress code policy, and enforce it in a non-discriminatory manner.
  • Implement an official system to receive and investigate patron complaints.
  • Carefully monitor employees to make sure that they are behaving in a non-discriminatory manner.

Speaking to the settlement, U.S. Attorney John Parker wrote that "it resolves serious allegations of racial and national origin discrimination at Kung Fu Saloon locations in Texas. It should make clear that any illegal discrimination in places of public accommodations will not be tolerated."

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