A Wichita, Kansas, dentist is facing accusations of sexual harassment, racism and other misconduct after a civil lawsuit was filed in federal court by two former dental hygienists on July 18. Dr. David Brown and two of his partners were named as the defendants while the plaintiffs were Ruby Anderson and Kasmira Smith.

According to reports, Brown watched pornographic movies in front of his child patients while they were under anesthesia. Anderson and Smith, who resigned last October, alleged that the dentist also kept nude pictures of females in his office and used offensive and sexually inappropriate language on several occasions.

Furthermore, Anderson says that the overtly sexual behavior wasn’t directed toward her and her co-defendant, it was also aimed at other women in the office. Dr. Brown even reportedly asked a female employee to sleep with him.

The charges of racism stem from the fact that the defendant purportedly under-anesthetized Hispanic and African-American patients and failed to properly administer pain medication.

“They saw that the [Hispanic and African-American] children were given an anesthesia or appropriate pain medication, but either it was allowed to wear off or that it wasn’t given a chance to take effect,” Joshua Friedman, an attorney for one of the plaintiffs, said according to newstation KWCH 12 . “I know that my clients observed this and they’re professionals.  And they don’t believe the minority children were given the same opportunity to benefit from anesthesia as un-minority children.”

The alleged victims told Dr. Matthew Healy and Dr. Stephen Moore, the two other defendants, about the misconduct but nothing was ever done to put an end to the behavior.

Regardless of what your job is or where you are employed, sexual harassment or discrimination in the workplace is never acceptable. If you live in Missouri and have been a victim of this behavior, you may benefit from a consultation with a lawyer in Kansas City. These experienced and locally based professionals can assess your claim, try your case in court and help you recover damages that you may be entitled to.