The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) has sued an Arkansas Dollar General store on behalf of female employees that were allegedly sexually harassed by the business' male manager.

The complaint, which was filed on Thursday, September 27 in a U.S. District Court for the Western District of Arkansas, Harrison Division, states that the Dollar General store in Bull Shoals neglected to take action against the accused supervisor.

"Companies who do not take action in the face of sexual harassment complaints bear the consequences of their actions. They must take effective action to enforce their sexual harassment policies to ensure that the workplace is free of sexual harassment," said Katharine Kores, district director of an EEOC office in the south, according to

The women say that the general manager made unwanted advances toward them by making inappropriate comments and soliciting sexual favors. The laws for the plaintiff are seeking undisclosed compensatory and punitive damages.

Although the source did not print a statement from the female employees or the defendant, Kores did add that "sexual harassment is particularly disturbing when it involves a management employee who is sexually harassing his subordinates."

There are over 10,000 Dollar stores in 40 states across the United States. This isn't the first time a lawsuit has been brought against the company. In April, the EEOC filed a complaint against an Ohio store for retaliation.

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