When employees report for work everyday, they should be able to expect that they will be able to complete their duties in a safe environment. Should an employer violate this expectation by exposing employees to potentially harmful working conditions, victims have been able to pursue justice by turning to an experienced Kansas City personal injury attorney to help them prepare a case.

A lawsuit of this nature is currently being processed in the eastern district of Texas after a group of railroad workers filed a civil lawsuit against their employing agency, Kansas City Southern Railway Company, a transportation company that services the central and southern parts of the United States.

According to a report published by the Southeast Texas Record, plaintiffs Bobby W. McElhannon, Curnell Clark, Cleandrew Sowls and James E. Shepherd are suing the railway company for failing to address a working environment that contained asbestos, which the plaintiffs are alleging led to lung damage. 

The article states that railway representatives were even aware that the worksite was unsafe, yet failed to provide more favorable conditions, making them liable for violating provisions established under the Federal Employers' Liability Act.

Moreover, by continually buying and implementing work materials that contained asbestos, and failing to provide proper inspections, the defendant may also be culpable for violating the  Locomotive Boiler Inspection Act, according to the article.

Additionally, because the damage wrought on the human body from asbestos exposure is compounded by smoking cigarettes – in which the plaintiffs reportedly indulged – further accusations of negligence and failure to provide medical assistance for policy violations are being brought against the defendant as well.

The plaintiffs are seeking to recover damages related to medical expenses, fear of cancer, physical impairments, court costs and other claims.