Michigan real estate developer and philanthropist Alfred Taubman has found himself at the center of a sexual harassment lawsuit after a former flight attendant aboard his private jet says he harassed and embarrassed her for years when she was working for him.

Nicole Rock filed a complaint in Detroit's federal court on November 29 and said that on several occasions the 88-year-old billionaire fondled and kissed her.

According to The Detroit News, the lawsuit also claims that "during a flight, (Taubman) forced his hands down the front of (Rock's) dress and proceeded to forcefully kiss her on the mouth without her consent. Taubman violently tore buttons off of (Rock's) blouse."

Rock says that she told Taubman to stop, but his behavior continued. In fact, the plaintiff stated that, in one instance, the elderly billionaire purposely tore a hole in her stockings so that she could engage in sexual intercourse with him.

Taubman also reportedly harassed her about having a baby. Rock told her lawyer that she became so anxious about going to work during her pregnancy that his conduct resulted in what is known as forced resignation last February.

"Under the law, a forced resignation is deemed a termination," the plaintiff's attorney said in a statement. "It's called a constructive discharge; when working conditions are so intolerable a reasonable person would be compelled to resign, the law considers that the same as being terminated."

Rock is seeking almost $30 million in damages.

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