A Lorain County, Ohio, jail guard has been suspended without pay after he was accused of sexually harassing female employees. New sources reported that corrections Sheriff Phil Stammitti has also refused to award accused corrections officer Christopher Jackson an October bonus.

Jackson, who has been working at the jail for five years, was the subject of an investigation that began in May. Media outlets revealed that his colleague, Paula Gorta, said that he made inappropriate comments about fruit that he had brought into work.

During the afternoon, Jackson was standing by a soda machine with a strawberry partially in his mouth. He then allegedly told Gorta that he was willing to bet her that she could not get him to let go of the piece of fruit by biting it herself.

In another instance guard Paula Gates accused Jackson of telling her how much enjoyed having sexual intercourse and how good he was at pleasing his partners. The female employee said that her arm brushed over Jackson's pants by mistake and that she could feel that he had an erection.

Gates also purportedly said that the suspended corrections officer made a crude joke comparing hair gel to semen.

The five-year veteran has denied all charges and has maintained his stance that he is still the target of nasty rumors because of an affair he had with a fellow correction officer's wife almost 20 years ago.

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