Ohio-based discount retailer Big Lots has settled a sexual harassment lawsuit with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and agreed to pay the victims involved $155,000. The alleged inappropriate behavior of Fort Smith, Arkansas, store manager Robert Muntz began in 2009.

According to the federal employment agency's website, Muntz bullied customer service specialist Lacey Deaton by asking that she show him pictures of her breasts. She refused to do so and filed a complaint with Big Lots' corporate office.  Although her supervisor's harassment stopped for a while, it eventually resumed despite the fact that Deaton repeatedly turned down Muntz's advances. One of the complaint's major accusations was that Big Lots did not take appropriate action in permanently putting Muntz's offensive conduct to an end.

However, Deaton was purportedly not the only victim of the former manager's behavior. He also took photos of his penis and sent them to at least one other female employee, reported the EEOC.

Big Lots allegedly ''failed to take appropriate remedial measures to protect a class of female employees from sexual harassment (and) is strictly liable for the sexual harassment of a class of female employees because of Mr. Muntz's status as store manager at defendant's Fort Smith, Ark., facility,'' declared the lawsuit, according to the EEOC.

In addition to paying the four reported victims $155,00 in damages, the bargain chain must offer anti-discrimination training and divulge all other risque behavior complaints to the EEOC for a period of one year.

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