A former Murray, Kentucky city clerk is debating whether she wants to file a wrongful termination lawsuit after she was let go from her job at the mayor's office on September 5. According to various news outlets, Harla McClure says that she was terminated on the grounds of "dishonesty, immoral or improper conduct and on-duty or off-duty activities that discredit the individual or organization."

The decision to fire her from Mayor Bill Wells' administration stemmed from the former employee's decision to report a city sticker on her teenager's car as stolen. McClure says that she did not intend to deceive the city of Murray. Instead, she alleges that her daughter took the adhesive and put it on her own vehicle without her mother knowing.

McClure's attorney stated that other workers who committed far more serious offenses were not fired like his client was.

''There’s no question the mayor violated the city’s policies and procedures,'' said the lawyer in a statement. “There’s no question that I think Wells made a mockery out of the due process that McClure should have been afforded.''

In a written declaration meant for city administrator Matt Mattingly, McClure's legal counsel says that there are several department supervisors who have corroborated indicating that the former city employee did a good job at work and was an upstanding citizen on and off the clock.

However, Mayor Wells revealed that if there is a lawsuit, he is more than willing to show evidence that he made the right to decision.

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