Two Ohio elections officials have filed a wrongful termination suit against the secretary of state after he allegedly let them go following their decision to support early voting on weekends. The complaint was submitted to U.S. District Court in Dayton on Monday, September 10.

According to various news sources, Jon Husted filed against Thomas Ritchie and Dennis Lieberman on August 28 after he said that they violated a policy that reportedly says pushing to extend early voting during Saturdays and Sundays is a violation of the rules.

The plaintiffs say Husted infringed upon their right to free speech, due process and equal protection. Both men are asking a judge to reinstate their jobs and are also seeking to recover monetary damages.

Husted's spokesman Matt McClellan says that Ritchie and Lieberman weren't fired because of what they said, but rather their actions.

"They are free to say what they want but not free to do what they want," McClellan told The Associated Press.

But, the former election officials say that their superior's decision to terminate them will have far greater consequences than a lawsuit. The complaint says it will "have the effect of chilling free speech by members of county boards of election throughout Ohio," according to the AP.

No further details have been released regarding when the trial will begin.

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