In October 2011, 31-year-old Michael Nida of South Gate, California, was shot by a Downey police officer who mistook him for a robbery suspect, and died as a result of his injuries. Following the tragic incident, the victim's family filed a wrongful termination against the city of Downey, and agreed to a $4.5 million settlement earlier this week.

According to Long Beach Press-Telegram, a local news outlet, Nida and his wife were at a gas station when the father of four crossed the street, presumably en route to a nearby tobacco shop. That's when law enforcement officials spotted him, stating in later reports that he matched the description of a man suspected of an ATM robbery. The police officers attempted to detain Nida a number of times, but he resisted capture and allegedly "acted aggressively" toward them, which led to him being killed.

The source reports that Nida's sister, Teri Teramura, said that while the family would have preferred a guilty verdict to a settlement, they didn't want his children to have to endure a traumatic trial. 

"People…please understand our fight is not over…we will continue to protest, we will continue going to city council meetings and we will continue to fight for justice for others who have suffered this same injustice," Jean Thaxton, the wife of the man who raised Nida from birth, wrote on the Facebook page dedicated to the victim's memory.

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