Audrie Pott, a 15-year-old student at Saratoga High School in California, committed suicide in September 2012 after she was allegedly sexually assaulted by three of her male classmates. On Thursday, April 11, the 16-year-old boys accused of committing the crime against Pott were arrested for their involvement, according to multiple national media outlets.

Now, Bob Allard, the family's attorney, plans to announce a wrongful death lawsuit against the suspects, whose names have not been revealed, claiming that the events that took place during and after the incident led to the victim's tragic suicide.  

Yahoo! News reports that Potts was allegedly assaulted by three boys while she was passed out at a party. About a week later, images of the attack began circulating on social media websites, causing Potts to write "Worst day ever" on her Facebook page and ultimately hang herself.

"There's no doubt that the combination of the assault and the torture by cyberbullying caused Audrie to end her life," Allard told the source.

Meanwhile, the lawyers representing the alleged attackers are urging the public to reserve judgment about the case and suggesting that the boys should be "regarded as innocent."

"Much of what has been reported over the last several days is inaccurate," the suspects' attorneys in a statement. "Most disturbing is the attempt to link [Audrie's] suicide to the specific actions of these three boys."

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