While law enforcement officials are meant to protect and serve the citizens of their assigned jurisdiction, these individuals are at times subject to poor judgement decisions that endanger civilians. If an officer is found to be in violation of a civilian's civil rights by using excessive force, Kansas City attorneys have been able to pursue these individuals in the court to seek damages for any alleged victims.

A case of this nature was recently settled in Boston, Massachusetts, as the plaintiff Michael O'Brien was awarded $1.4 million from The City of Boston after an officer named David Williams left O'Brien with permanent physical injuries, reports The Boston Globe.

According to the article, on March 16, 2009, O'Brien and two friends accidentally clipped a double-parked vehicle and became engaged in a confrontation with its occupants. Williams and his partner Officer Diep Hung Nguyen responded to the scene, and became engaged in an argument with O'Brien and his friends.

O'Brien then allegedly shoved Nguyen, after which Williams, reported to be 6-foot-3 and more than 240 pounds, took action and placed O'Brien, reported as 5-foot-9 and 160 pounds, in a choke hold.

After the incident, O'Brien reportedly suffered from brain injuries, leaving him incapable of completing the responsibilities of his job.

After an investigation was undertaken regarding this incident, Williams was ultimately terminated from his position.

While this event took place in the Northeast, police brutality is a universal issue, and any citizens in the Greater Kansas City area who've experienced a similar issue with law enforcement can turn to a personal injury lawyer in Kansas City to help prepare a case.