The family of a 10-year-old Texas girl is suing the city of Balch Springs after she drowned in a manmade pond. The child's parents say that city officials were negligent in failing to set up "No Swimming" signs in Walter E. Luedke Park, where the retention pond had recently been built. 

The victim's stepfather, Antoin Lockett, took 10-year-old Tamia Johnson to the park on May 18. He says the child obeyed city-made signs that said "Follow Me," leading her to the pond and out of his line-of-sight. Lockett says he didn't know the pond existed and was unable to see because it was behind a hill. By the time he got there, Johnson had drowned. 

The city had reportedly planned to erect signs warning against swimming in the pond, but failed to do so until the day after the little girl died. Officials also reportedly took down the "Follow me" signs that allegedly led Johnson to the water. 

Lockett told local ABC News affiliate WFAA that he hopes the lawsuit can prevent the same kind of tragedy from happening to another family. 

"They haven't learned," Lockett said. "Even with my daughter gone, they think because they put some signs up that that's going to save the kids at the park."

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