Nothing can ever truly compensate for the loss of a family member. However, if you believe that your loved one died due to another party's negligence or recklessness, it can be especially difficult to find the closure you deserve. If you find yourself in this situation, you can rest assured knowing that there are experienced Kansas City personal injury attorneys who can help you recover monetary damages in a court of law. 

According to The Associated Press, five women en route to a bridal party were killed on the San Mateo-Hayward Bridge in San Francisco, California, on May 4 when the limousine they were riding in caught fire. The source reports that four other female passengers were able to crawl to safety "through a tiny window separating the passenger and driver compartments." An investigation revealed that the air suspension system in the vehicle failed, causing the fire. 

Though no criminal charges were filed, the family members of the deceased are suing six different companies that they claim were "responsible for manufacturing or modifying the limousine," states the news outlet. It is unclear how much money they are seeking in damages. 

Are you a Missouri resident whose loved one has died as a result of a business or individual's negligent or reckless behavior? If so, consider finding a personal injury lawyer who will work hard on your behalf. These experienced and locally based professionals can assess your claim, try your case in court and help you recover any damages to which you may be entitled.