Car crashes are terrible tragedies that can change people's lives in the blink of an eye. If someone you love has died in an accident, it may be within your legal rights to file a civil lawsuit against the driver responsible for the crash. While nothing can ever truly compensate for the death of a family member, a skilled accident attorney can help you pursue this option and find the closure you deserve. 

According to WAAY-TV, an Alabama news outlet, the family of a 10-year-old girl who was killed in a May 2013 multi-vehicle crash in Huntsville has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the motorist who allegedly caused the accident. 

The source reports that the defendant, Gunnar Scarano, has a medical issue that may have been a factor in the crash. While no criminal charges have been filed against him as of yet, the lawsuit claims that "[he] should not have been driving and caused [the victim's] death through negligence," states the news outlet. 

The plaintiffs reportedly filed the lawsuit in Madison County Circuit Court, and are seeking $350,000 in damages.

If one of your family members dies as a result of negligent behavior — whether in a car accident or any other incident — you may have grounds to file a civil lawsuit and seek monetary compensation in a court of law. To get this process started, it's in your best interest to contact locally based personal injury attorneys in Kansas City immediately. These experienced professionals will work tirelessly on your behalf, helping you recover damages to which you may be entitled.