The family of E. Steven Collins—an iconic Philadelphia radio personality who died of a heart attack in September 2013—has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Chestnut Hill Hospital, reports 

According to the source, the 58-year-old was rushed to the hospital on September 8 after exhibiting symptoms of a heart attack. The lawsuit claims that the emergency room doctor who treated Collins failed to give him a blood-thinning and artery-opening drug as is standard procedure and instead administered a drug that lowered his blood pressure to the point where his heart was unable to recover. Additionally, the lawsuit alleges that the doctor didn't immediately consult a cardiologist, noting that a cardiologist may have been able to identity certain red flags and administer life-saving treatment. 

"They had an urgent medical situation on their hands, which should have been handled immediately and should have been handled differently," said one of the personal injury lawyers representing the plaintiffs, as noted by the news outlet. "We believe that the care was substandard and his death should have been avoided. Had they stabilized him and acted differently and promptly, he would still be on the radio today and still be doing the good things he has been doing for the community all his life."

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