Four years ago, Ashley Davis, a 13-year-old freshman at Crossland High School in Temple Hills, Maryland, was struck by a vehicle while attempting to catch a school bus. Two weeks after the September 1, 2009, incident occurred, the teenager succumbed to her injuries. 

On April 14, a number of media outlets including The Washington Post reported that Davis's parents, Nycole Davis and Jerome Bradley, were awarded $90 million by a Prince George's County Circuit Court jury in a wrongful death lawsuit filed against the Prince George's County Board of Education.

The plaintiffs alleged that the school board neglected to provide a safe bus stop for students who lived in the particular area of the town where their daughter resided. After Davis's bus driver had consistently failed to pick her up where he was supposed to, the victim started riding a different bus, which meant she had to cross the street in order to catch it. The source states that parents of students in the district had been complaining about similar safety issues for years.

On the morning of September 1, while crossing the street to get to the bus stop, the high school freshman was struck by a Lincoln Continental that then collided with a minivan and a 17-year-old boy.

"The jury was upset that [the school board's] policy was not followed for a full week and a little girl in her first year of high school ended up suffering the consequences," John Costello an attorney for Davis's parents, said.

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