Losing someone you love as a result of an individual or a business's negligent behavior is always a tragedy. In these instances, however, it's important for family members of the deceased to find a personal injury attorney who can represent them in a court of law and seek justice on behalf of the victim.

The Kansas City Star reports that the parents of a woman who died at JJ's Restaurant in Kansas City, Missouri, on February 19 have filed a wrongful death lawsuit against five separate companies and one individual. The source states that 46-year-old Megan Cramer, a hostess at the eatery, died following an explosion that that took place at the site of a nearby drilling project and flattened the restaurant. 

The defendants include Missouri Gas Energy, Southern Union Company, Time Warner Cable Midwest, USIC Locating Services, Inc., Heartland Midwest, LLC. and one of Heartland's employees. 

"We love and loved Megan," the victim's mother, 73-year-old Genny Cramer, said in an interview with the source. "We miss her dreadfully and hope that all of this will result in better regulations, and following those regulations, so there are no future Megans to be lost."

If you reside in Missouri and one of your family members has died as a result of negligent behavior, don't hesitate to find a seasoned personal injury attorney who will work hard to defend you in a court of law. These experienced and locally based professionals can assess your claim, try your case in court and help you recover any damages to which you may be entitled.