A Minnesota jury has ordered the Duluth Steam Cooperative to pay more than $11,000 to the family of a little boy who was seriously burned by a hot manhole cover. The jury awarded the plaintiffs $1,354 to pay for past medical expenses and $10,000 for pain and suffering. 

Troy and Megan Brown were visiting Duluth from their home in Georgia to attend a wedding in August 2011. They say they were taking a family picture on the street when their two-year-old son Jacob tripped and fell on a nearby manhole cover. The complaint, as reported by The Duluth News Tribune, states that the metal cover was so hot it caused second-degree burns above the little boy's ankle.

The Browns' attorneys, Donald Mark and Tyler Brimmer, argued that the Duluth Steam Cooperative's negligence was responsible for the child's injuries. 

"You need to send some kind of message that this behavior isn't acceptable," Mark said, according to the News Tribune. "You need to send a message that something needs to be done about this. You need to send a message that you don't want this to happen again."

The lawyers told the jury that the company should have regularly maintained the manhole cover and used available technology to regulate its temperature.

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