A Florida jury has been selected to hear and decide a lawsuit against the Marion County Sheriff's Department, over a deputy's fatal shooting of an unarmed man. The family of Joshua Salvato is suing on the grounds of wrongful death and are seeking $75,000 in civil damages.

In 2012, deputies responded to a disturbance complaint on a road in Summerfield, Florida, about an hour northwest of Orlando. According to local NBC News affiliate WESH, Salvato was seen walking in and out of traffic and behaving erratically. When Deputies Lauren Miley and Norman Brown arrived, they became involved in a conflict with the 21-year-old. Officials say Salvato, who was unarmed, became combative and started trying to punch the deputies. Miley then shot and killed him, and Brown subsequently shot him multiple times with a stun gun. 

Dash camera video from a sheriff's patrol car shows the altercation and shooting.

The Ocala Star Banner reports that the Salvato family's lawsuit was filed in federal court. It alleges that Salvato's death was a direct result of excessive force. 

"This case involves the unnecessary and violent murder of an unarmed young man at the hands of two heavily armed deputies of the Marion County Sheriff's Department," it said. "Despite the fact he had not broken any laws, was not under arrest, and was not a threat to himself or others."

The trial is currently underway.

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