A Montana jury has ordered Hyundai to pay $240 million in punitive damages over a 2011 crash that killed two teenage cousins.

According to the lawsuit, the 2005 Hyundai Tiberon that 19-year-old Trevor Olson was driving had a defective steering knuckle, causing him to lose control of the car and veer into oncoming traffic. The Tiberon hit another vehicle, killing 21-year-old Stephanie Nicole Parker-Shepherd and severely injuring her husband and two children. Both Trevor and his 14-year-old cousin Tanner, who was a passenger, were killed. 

The punitive damages ordered by the jury are in addition to $8.6 million in actual damages and lost earnings. According to Bloomberg, the total $248 million verdict is the largest judgment Hyundai has ever faced because of a product defect. It is also one of the top five largest jury awards in the United States so far this year. 

"One. Did the Olson Hyundai Tiburon contain a manufacturing defect in the right front steering knuckle? Answer: Yes," said Judge Kim Christopher, as reported by local CBS News affiliate KPAX. "Proceeding to question two…was the defect the cause of the accident on July 2, 2011? Answer: Yes…Did Hyundai Motor Company act with actual malice such as to warrant punitive damages? Answer: Yes."

KPAX reports that the families had initially sought damages of only $160 million. Hyundai is likely to appeal the ruling. 

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