One80Center, a luxury drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility in California, has been in the media quite a bit lately after The Hollywood Reporter published an investigative article earlier this month questioning the center's care practices. 

Now, reports the news outlet, the parents of Andrew Witkoff — a 22-year-old male who died of an OxyContin overdose at a One80Center sober living home in 2011 — have filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the company and three of its high-level employees. The plaintiffs claim that the defendants were negligent in their oversight of patients, allowing the victim to exit the grounds without supervision, purchase illegal drugs online and avoid urine tests. 

"Their only interest in pursuing this lawsuit is to prevent other families from suffering the loss of loved ones battling addiction at the hands of people in positions of power in the recovery industry who demonstrate an unconscionable disregard for their clients' best interest," said the accident attorney representing the plaintiffs, as reported by the source. 

It is unclear at this time how much money Witkoff's parents are seeking in damages. 

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