The parents of a Georgia teenager who was found dead in his high school gym are suing the district superintendent, school principal and county school board, FOX News reports.

The body of Kendrick Johnson, 17-years-old, was discovered in a rolled up exercise mat on July 11, 2013. It was leaned up against a wall of the Lowndes High School gymnasium in Valdosta, Georgia. The local sheriff's department concluded that the teen had become trapped in the mat when he was trying to retrieve a gym shoe that was stuck inside. However, his parents believe that someone, possibly another student at the school, killed him. 

According to Atlanta NBC News station 11-Alive, the lawsuit claims that Johnson was the victim of harassment and threatening behavior before his death. 

"As a direct result of and proximate result of defendants' aforesaid actions and omissions," the claim states, "Kendrick Lamar Johnson was violently assaulted, severely injured, suffered great physical pain and mental anguish, and subjected to insult and loss of life, all of which took place at the hands of one or more students while on the property of Lowndes High School and during its normal hours of operations."

The lawsuit does not say which students may have killed Johnson. Attorney Chevene King told The New York Daily News that the sheriff's department failed to conduct a thorough investigation. Johnson's parents hope the suit will help uncover new information in their son's death. 

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