The parents of a 16-year-old murder victim are suing her alleged killer and the owners of the convenience store where she died. The couple say the Tee Pee Totem convenience store owners were negligent in hiring suspect Miles Bench without conducting a background check, putting members of the public at an unreasonable risk of danger. Bench is also named in the suit, which seeks compensatory damages of more than $75,000. 

According to local newspaper The Duncan Banner, the suit seeks: "Damages resulting from the wrongful death of their minor child, for medical and burial expenses, pain and suffering to said child, loss of anticipated services, support love and companionship, loss of monies in support of said minor child and pecuniary loss to said survivors." 

FOX News reports that in 2012 Braylee Henry went to buy soda from a convenience store in her small Oklahoma town. She disappeared about the same time that Miles Bench, a clerk at the store, went missing also. Police reportedly found a pool of blood in the back room. They later discovered Henry's body on property belonging to Bench's grandparents. Investigators believe the young girl was beaten to death. Bench was arrested and is awaiting trial on first degree murder charges. 

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