The families of two men who were allegedly shot and killed by football star Aaron Hernandez have now also named the New England Patriots in their wrongful death lawsuit, in an attempt to stop the team from making payments to its former player. Hernandez has pleaded not guilty and is in jail awaiting trial. He is also charged with murdering a third man in a separate incident. 

According to CNN, the NFL team may owe Hernandez as much as $3.25 million. The families of murder victims Daniel de Abreu and Safiro Furtado want the money set aside to cover any damages awarded in their wrongful death suit. Hernandez is accused of shooting the two men after one of them accidentally bumped into him in a Boston nightclub. The football player denies involvement. 

"We are seeking to have the families who have been victimized by these deaths have some assets set aside that they may be somehow compensated," the families' lawyer William Kennedy said in a written statement, as reported by CNN. "The two young men in our case both supported their mothers with their modest earnings. That support and emotional attachment has been lost forever."

Kennedy says Hernandez has received more than $11 million from the Patriots over three years. 

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