While nothing can ever truly compensate for the sudden death of a loved one, there are steps family members can take to hold responsible parties accountable for negligent or reckless behavior that may have played a part in these tragedies. This is one way for loved ones to gain closure and begin the healing process. 

According to The Inter-Mountain, a West Virginia news outlet, a $210,000 settlement has recently been reached in a wrongful death lawsuit against Randolph County. The source reports that Wilma Miller filed the lawsuit on behalf of her daughter, Melanie Miller, who died in February 2010 at the age of 37 when an ambulance failed to arrive soon enough to provide life-saving care. Melanie suffered from mixed connective tissue disease and had fallen very ill.

Ultimately, Wilma took Melanie to the hospital herself, and she died later that day. In the lawsuit, she claimed that her daughter could have survived if she had received treatment in a timely manner.

"Wilma is appreciative of the county stepping up and participating to provide some form of closure to this matter," said accident attorney Richard Wilson, as noted by the news outlet. "It's obvious that we can't do anything for Melanie at this time, but perhaps someone else in Randolph County can benefit from this action."

If someone you love has died as a result of another party's recklessness or negligence, it may be within your legal rights to file a civil lawsuit and seek damages on behalf of your loved one. To begin this process, it's in your best interest to contact Kansas City-based personal injury attorneys as soon as possible. These skilled professionals will give your case the personal care and attention it deserves.