If an individual believes that he or she has endured undue suffering after consuming tainted food, that person can utilize the services of an experienced Kansas City personal injury attorney to help pursue the food's provider for negligent practices.

According to reports, an Iowa citizen named Heather Tuttle filed suit on Tuesday February 21 against fast food establishment Jimmy John's for providing Tuttle with a turkey sandwich that contained tainted sprouts.

As a result, Tuttle reportedly suffered from E. coli poisoning, necessitating medical assistance for symptoms including painful diarrhea and stomach cramps.

It is notable that there have been several reported instances of E. coli poisoning resulting from the consumption of Jimmy John's-issued sprouts, as reports state that Tuttle is one of 12 victims across Kansas, Iowa, Missouri and Arkansas to suffer from the tainted produce. Two of these victims had to be sent to the hospital. 

Moreover, these 12 serve as a fraction of the more than 400 U.S. citizens who suffered from E. coli or salmonella-related illnesses in five different reported outbreaks since 2008.

Furthermore, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention reportedly announced recently that a group of clover seeds were identified as the base of the tainted sprouts, and that the person selling the seeds had suggested that facilities possessing this crop of sprouts should discontinue their use.

Therefore, Tuttle's case will seek payouts for medical expenses as well as pain and suffering based on claims that Jimmy John's did not take safeguards to ensure the company distributed quality produce and for failing to comply with health and safety regulations.

This case illustrates how a personal injury attorney can coalesce evidence from multiple instances of negligent practices to provide the plaintiff with a chance of attaining justice.