University of Missouri quarterback Corbin Berkstresser was arrested on May 15 for fleeing the scene of a car accident, according to reports.

Berkstresser allegedly struck a parked car owned by Jeremiah Willis, a fellow student at the university. Willis heard a crash outside of his home around 1 a.m. When Willis and his roommates went outside to investigate, Berkstresser had fled the scene, and Willis' car was badly damaged. The ground was littered with teal shards believed to have been from the other vehicle. Willis immediately called the police to report the incident.

After placing the call, Willis and his roommates encountered two men in the street. The men reportedly inquired about the accident on the pretext that they were wandering the streets in search of a lost dog.

When later shown a headshot by the police, Willis identified Berkstresser as one of the men who had asked about the accident.

Berkstresser was implicated in the incident when Shaun Heroux, one of Willis' roommates, drove around the area in search of another damaged vehicle and came across a teal truck belonging to Berkstresser. Heroux informed the police, who were able to identify the assailant based on the truck's license plate information.

Berkstresser was taken into custody around 3:30 a.m. and eventually confessed to the crime. He has already been suspended from the UM football team per university policy, and will most likely face a felony charge.

Willis told the Columbia Daily Tribune that he believed the collision was accidental and that he had "no gripe" with Berkstresser, but his "only issue" was that Berkstresser "didn't come back and say anything."

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