Personal injury claims are amongst the most common suits brought to court and can take on a variety of forms. At the core of most claims is the assertion that the victim was injured due to the deliberate or negligent actions of another person or entity.

Here is a guide to some of the most common forms of personal injury claims:

"Personal injury claims are amongst the most common suits brought to court."

Defective products

All products commercially available are expected to not cause harm or injury to a person if used correctly. Unsafe products that are prone to failure that causes injury may be subject to suits, with the manufacturer as the defendant.

Dangerous prescription or over-the-counter drugs

The FDA rigorously screens and regulates all drug applications to ensure their safety for consumers — yet even with strict regulations, occasionally a dangerous drug slips through and becomes commercially available. While typically litigated via class action lawsuits, individuals can seek restitution for harm caused by a dangerous drug via a personal injury claim.  

Slip and fall & dangerous conditions

One of the most common personal injury claims, a slip and fall or dangerous condition claim arises when a person is injured in a public place that has not been properly made safe by its owners.

Medical malpractice and misdiagnosis

While doctors can't guarantee a positive outcome for their treatment, patients have the reasonable and legal expectation that they receive competent care. If doctors make a mistake and injures patients either by a procedure or a misdiagnosis, the patients can seek monetary damages against the doctors and the medical institution that employed them. 

Pet attack

A dangerous animal is a liability for the owner of that animal. If that animal attacks another person, the victim has the right to sue the owner.

Assault and abuse

Generally, cases of assault and abuse are prosecuted with the state as plaintiff, but under tort liability, they can also be litigated as a form of personal injury. This entitles the victim to seek damages, either in conjunction with the criminal complaint or as part of a civil claim.

School and daycare injuries

Parents have the right to feel that their children are safe in the hands of school personnel. Depending on the way that a school is funded, filing suit for an injury may require a tort claim (for government funded schools) or simply a normal suit for privately funded schools. 

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