Motorists who drive in the wrong direction on the interstate pose a great risk to safety, as any accidents that could result from this behavior may lead to significant injury and even death. Individuals who have been involved in a car accident caused by a wrong way driver can seek compensation by relying on the guidance of a trusted car accident attorney in Kansas City.

An accident on the evening of Saturday, February 10, resulted in the injury of four individuals, according to the Missouri Highway Patrol. Tyler Worlund, 22, was driving eastbound in the westbound lanes of Interstate 70 when his vehicle collided head-on with a car driven by Elizabeth Hitt, also 22.

Both cars spun out, and another vehicle driven by 20-year-old Edward Burns collided with each immediately afterward. Worlund and Hitt both suffered serious injuries and were transported to nearby medical facilities. Burns and a passenger in his car, 21-year-old Ben Gomez, suffered minor injuries and received medical attention at the St. Joseph Health Center in St. Charles.

No criminal charges have been pressed yet, although it is possible the parties involved in the crash – namely Hitt, Burns or Gomez – may want to seek the assistance of a Kansas City criminal attorney to pursue a civil lawsuit.

Wrong-way accidents can be some of the most dangerous on the road – National Highway Traffic Safety Administration data shows they account for 1.5 percent of all fatal crashes – however they may also represent negligence or inexperience on the part of the driver at fault. Intoxication, distraction, inattentive driving and confusion can all play a part in these types of accidents, so it is important for victims to consult with a car accident attorney to determine if legal action is necessary to recoup losses.