Earlier this summer, a truck driver traveling northbound on Highway 17 lost control of his big-rig and crashed through 10 other vehicles on the road, killing a 25-year-old Santa Cruz, California, man who was just sitting in traffic. Now the victim's family has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against three trucking companies as part of a push for stricter industry regulations.

The lawsuit contends that Saini Bros. Trucking Inc., Charles F. Gagliasso Trucking Co. and Assured Aggregates Co. Inc. were negligent in their hiring, supervision and training of the driver responsible for the accident. The complaint also names Don Chapin Co. among the plaintiffs, as the big-rig was hauling two tons of Don Chapin dirt at the time of the accident. Whether the weight of that cargo contributed to the highway crash is unclear, though the family's attorney argues that truck drivers shouldn't be allowed to move those kinds of heavy loads without acquiring enough big-rig experience first. The truck driver in this case had only been licensed for three months. 

"This tragic death could have happened to thousands of people who travel over Highway 17," the victim's father said in an official statement. "We are hoping to spearhead changes in the trucking industry so his life will not go wasted."

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