Tragedy struck Kansas City in February of last year, when a natural gas explosion destroyed JJ's Restaurant, triggering over a dozen lawsuits. Now, nearly two years since that disaster, the family of a 46-year-old woman who died in the blast has settled its wrongful death case.

The Kansas City Star reports that the 46-year-old was the only fatality in the restaurant explosion. In its assessment of the incident, the Missouri Public Service Commission concluded that incorrectly marked utility cables led a Heartland Midwest worker to drill too far, accidentally breaching a natural gas line. These gas fumes were then ignited in the restaurant by a pilot light, destroying the building and injuring over a dozen other patrons.

The victim's family named Missouri Gas Energy, Heartland Midwest and the employee in question, among others, in its wrongful death lawsuit. While the other lawsuits filed over the restaurant explosion are still heading to court, the family has settled with the defendants, although the amount of the damages was not disclosed.

But while this case may have been settled, many of the other lawsuits stemming from the incident continue.

"Attorneys on both sides of the other lawsuits continue to meet a couple times of month to take depositions," writes Mike Hendricks of The Kansas City Star. "About 100 witnesses have given testimony so far and an additional 50 to 75 remain in the queue."

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