For one Stamford, Connecticut, family in 2011, Christmas turned to tragedy when a fire broke out in their home, killing three young girls — one 9-year-old and two 7-year-old twins — along with their two maternal grandparents. Only the girls' father and mother managed to escape, with the former subsequently filing a wrongful death lawsuit against a contractor who he blamed for the fire. Three years later, the lawsuit has partly reached a settlement, with the girls' father awarded $5 million.

"Authorities said the fire began after [the general contractor] left a bag of fireplace ashes in a bin in a mudroom in the house," writes the Kansas City Star. "[The defendant], who was renovating the $1.7 million Victorian home, was accused in the lawsuit of contributing […] to make the house a 'firetrap,' including failing to install a smoke detection system during the construction."

But as the source notes, the litigation is far from over. Others named by the lawsuit include the house's architect and electrician, who were also accused of contributing to the residence's "firetrap" hazard. Additionally, the wrongful death claim contends that Stamford city officials were negligent in allowing the defendant to serve as a general contractor when he wasn't even licensed by the state to perform home improvement work. The father also alleges that Stamford officials "intentionally destroyed evidence when they demolished the home without notice shortly after the fire." The city denies both charges.

No amount of money can ever make up for the loss of a loved one, particularly in such a tragic case as this one — but that doesn't mean wronged family members shouldn't seek out justice. If you plan to file a wrongful death claim and need to find a personal injury attorney to take on your case, contact The Meyers Law Firm. Our legal professionals can provide the representation you deserve and fight vigorously for the damages you may be owed.