According to New York Daily News, CBS reporter Ken Lombardi has filed charges in Manhattan Federal Court for separate and repeated instances of sexual harassment by fellow workers.

Lombardi alleges that Duane Tollison, once a senior producer for the network, grabbed his crotch and kissed him at a holiday party in 2013. He also claims CBS Evening News director Albert Colley harassed him for a date on numerous occasions and challenged his sexual orientation. 

His lawsuit claims he reported the instances to human resources, but his complaints were not taken seriously. Instead, he was allegedly berated by Paula Cohen, a manager in the CBS News entertainment department for his repeated attempts to receive help.

Since the attacks, Lombardi said he has developed instances of post traumatic stress disorder and has nightmares and panic attacks. 

Lombardi reportedly has had a difficult time handling both these attacks and the subsequent response from human resources. He was "constructively discharged" in November 2014.

He is seeking unspecified damages from CBS.

According to Catalyst, a research and strategy development company, sexual discrimination is the second most common discrimination charge brought to the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Committee. 

Sexual harassment can take many forms including verbal, physical and emotional. Oftentimes, as in the case mentioned above, it creates a hostile work environment for the victim in which they cannot perform to their full potential or realize overall happiness. 

Harassment at work is more common than many may think. If you have experienced sexual harassment at work and are considering legal action, schedule an appointment with The Meyers Law Firm as your first step. Our attorneys are available to assess your case and fight for the compensation you deserve.