After alleging that she was sexually harassed at L.A. Fitness, Texas resident Jamie Johnson filed a suit in Dallas last month. The wife and mom, who joined the Plano gym at the end of 2011, paid for a personal trainer. It was during these one-on-one workout sessions that Johnson says the inappropriate comments were made. 

Her lawyer, Chase Laws, says that his client told him that the trainers asked her to do moves so he could “watch her boobs.” Johnson also said that her fitness instructor would tell when she had gotten a good workout because “her nipples would get hard.” She complained to the man’s supervisor and was eventually assigned a new trainer. 

Johnson eventually made the decision to leave the gym and received extensive psychological counseling before she was able to return. L.A. Fitness gave her a new trainer who also made sexually inappropriate comments. Laws asserted that the man told his client explicit stories involving his girlfriend.

“Then he asked her to do the same exercise the last guy asked her to do, but she refused, telling him she was uncomfortable doing it,” Laws said, according to ABC News. “She eventually told him why, and he laughed hysterically about it, so she left again.”

Johnson eventually called L.A. Fitness Corporate headquarters to complain about her trainers’ behavior. She claimed that she was offered just $400.

No word has been released as to when the case will go to trial.

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