A lawsuit filed on Wednesday by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission alleges that a Vacation Resorts International manager repeatedly sexually harassed a female employee—exposing his genitals, grabbing her chest and propositioning the woman for sex.

The woman claiming to be harassed at work, Katrina Archer, worked in grounds-keeping and housekeeping at the Fort Lauderdale Beach Resort, one of the resorts managed by Vacation Resorts International. According to the EEOC, a male assistant manager engaged in harassing behavior starting in March 2014 and that he focused on several of his female subordinates in addition to Archer. Archer filed multiple complaints with a housekeeping manager, who is alleged to have taken no action before being fired in June of 2015.

"No employee should be required to endure sexually degrading, abusive conduct as a condition of employment," said Robert E. Weisberg, regional attorney for EEOC's Miami District Office, in a press release. "And employees who report and oppose such conduct should be lauded as heroes, not punished. This lawsuit seeks to protect the civil rights of an important but vulnerable segment of Florida's labor force—the hospitality worker."

The EEOC decided to take on the case after determining that Archer was fired "based on her sex and in retaliation for opposing the sexually hostile work environment." The suit was filed after attempts to work out a a conciliation agreement with the company stalled. The agency seeks back pay, front pay and/or reinstatement for Archer, as well as compensatory damages and punitive damages. The company is also requested to enact policies that provide equal employment opportunities for women.

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