Back in 2000, the Ford motor plant in Chicago was sued for sexual harassment in the workplace and subsequently reached a $9 million settlement deal. Now, 14 years later, the same plant finds itself the target of a sexual harassment and discrimination lawsuit filed by four female employees.

"Here we are again," said the plaintiffs' attorney, who had handled the case in 2000 as well. "It is unfortunate that Ford has perpetuated an environment that is demeaning to women."

According to The Chicago Tribune, the four women named in the lawsuit allege that "they were subjected to jeers, lewd comments, sexual suggestions and catcalls by co-workers and supervisors," and when they tried reporting these incidents to Ford's harassment hotline, neither the company nor their union did anything about it. Even worse is that, while reports are meant to be anonymous, the plant makes it easy for supervisors to be able to identify which employees make complaints, allowing them to retaliate against those workers even further.

In one particularly troubling instance, one of the plaintiffs said that after she reported suffering harassment at work, she was attacked from behind by a co-worker, pushed to the ground and stomped on her back. The offender told her not to look back at his face before calling her a "snitch" and leaving. The woman was forced to go on a medical leave for a year and a half as a result, during which time Ford moved their plant out of the area. 

No one should ever have to face sexual, verbal or physical harassment in the workplace. If you have been the target of such behavior and believe your employer is ignoring or refusing your calls for help, contact The Meyers Law Firm. Our Kansas City attorneys will work tirelessly to ensure you receive the damages you deserve.