A former employee is currently suing the online real estate firm Zillow for workplace sexual harassment and wrongful termination.

The female employee joined one of the company's sales offices in June 2012. She reported that her management condoned a "pervasive culture of degrading women" and described the office as one where "sexual harassment and misconduct are normalized, condoned, and promoted by male managers." 

The suit alleges that the employee's male managers frequently made derogatory and crude remarks about women and repeatedly propositioned her.

The employee's strong work performance was recognized several times throughout her time at the company until she failed to meet sales goals in August, reportedly due to the emotional stress of the hostile work environment. She was then fired at the end of that same month without warning, and claims that her employment was terminated not because of poor performance but because she had previously filed internal harassment complaints and refused to participate in Zillow's culture of harassment. 

She is currently suing the company for sexual harassment, retaliation, wrongful termination and emotional distress.

Zillow spokesperson Jill Simmons responded to the lawsuit with a public statement, saying, "When this allegation was first made, we immediately investigated these claims and, as a result, took quick action and terminated a sales employee in our Irvine office." She added that the allegations "do not reflect Zillow's culture or workplace and are completely inconsistent with our values."

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