A former Starbucks employee filed a sexual harassment lawsuit in Eastern District of New York, claiming that her coworkers engaged in inappropriate behavior toward her and and that she was discriminated against due to a disability and ultimately fired in retaliation after coming forward to complain about the unfair treatment.

According to a press release from the plaintiff's law firm, Kari Smith was a shift supervisor who had been working for Starbucks for 11 years. Suffering from a medical condition that causes her to faint, Smith say she was humiliated and demoted at multiple different locations, but that the brunt of her torment occurred at a store in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn. 

Smith claims that the male employees at this particular location sexually harassed her in a number of different instances. She says that they pinned her against the wall, made offensive comments about her body parts and made advances of a sexual nature. Although the plaintiff allegedly complained to both the store and district managers, it appears that nothing was done to put an end to the harassment.

After taking some time off during an approved leave, Smith was terminated on the grounds that she had not provided the company with necessary disability paperwork. 

"Starbucks fired Ms. Smith when she was at her most vulnerable," said the plaintiff's attorney, Douglas Wigdor. "While Starbucks likes to hold itself out as a progressive company, even their best marketing and public relations efforts cannot conceal the outrageous conduct Ms. Smith was subjected to."

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