A Florida cosmetology instructor has been fired after he reportedly sexually harassed his students. Among other things, Eugene Eubanks was accused of using the word "sexy" when describing his pupils and trying to get their attention on multiple occasions. He lost his job at Frank H. Peterson Academies of Technology last month. The educational institution is a public magnet high school in Jacksonville. 

The former teacher said that he didn't mean anything inappropriate when using that adjective, but rather, it was a way to talk about hair.

''If I used the word, which the only time I'd use it is to describe beautiful hair or the product we use, that would be it,'' Eubanks told state news source The Florida Times Union. ''However, when I was accused of using inappropriate terms it was generally by a failing student who had previous disciplinary issues.''

Eubanks was questioned about students' claims that he exhibited inappropriate conduct on at least seven separate occasions. In one instance, he purportedly unzipped his pants to get one young woman's attention.

Another student accused him of being a pervert when he saw a picture of her and her boyfriend, thrust his hips and asked if they were engaging in sexual intercourse.

Eubanks has said that all of the allegations against him are false. As of March 20, lawsuits against him have not been filed. 

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