If you've been sexually harassed by someone at your workplace, you owe it to yourself to find an affordable lawyer who can help you pursue justice in a court of law. 

A woman who used to work for the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) filed a lawsuit against her former employer, claiming that her manager subjected her to "constant sexual harassment." NBC Bay Area reports that the plaintiff — Paulette Adams-Irving — is about to receive a $350,000 settlement. 

The source states that Adams-Irving was victimized by her male coworkers and supervisors during a five-month period in 2009, and that their behavior was so bad that she quit her job in 2010. 

According to the San Francisco Examiner, the individuals listed as defendants in the lawsuit are no longer employed with SFPUC. 

"These are each isolated instances and not indicative of a systemic problem," SFPUC spokesman Tyrone Jue told the source. "Each case casts a pale shadow over the many staff dedicated to providing the public with reliable, round-the-clock water, power and sewer services."

However, this isn't the first time SFPUC has been under fire this year. The Examiner notes that employees were caught in recent months watching porn and engaging in online gambling on computers that belong to the city. 

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