No one should ever be made to feel uncomfortable — verbally, physically or otherwise — at their place of employment. If you have been a victim of sexual harassment, it is in your best interest to schedule a consultation with experienced Kansas City attorneys who can help you seek the justice that you deserve. 

According to the Los Angeles Times, a former aide to Los Angeles City Councilman Mitchell Englander has filed a sexual harassment lawsuit, alleging that Englander and chief of staff John Lee made inappropriate remarks to her during her tenure. The victim claims that Lee repeatedly asked her questions about her sex life, and says that she was denied the opportunity to apply for a public safety position within the department because of her gender.

Additionally, the lawsuit states that the plaintiff "complained to Councilmember Englander about the discriminatory behavior. In response, the council member questioned whether Plaintiff only wanted to be a Public Safety Deputy so she could walk into the fire stations and be naked in front of the male firefighters, and made other inappropriate comments."

If you live in Missouri and have been the victim of sexual harassment, wrongful termination or gender discrimination, you may be able to take a stand against the perpetrator. Consider scheduling a consultation with an affordable lawyer in Kansas City to get this process going as soon as possible. These experienced, locally based professionals can assess your claim, try your case in court and help you recover damages to which you may be entitled.