A former firefighter that had worked with the Clinton Fire Department for five years has filed a lawsuit against her former employer over accusations of sexual harassment and discrimination.

KSL News reports that Shelly Drescher filed her suit with the 2nd District Court last week, alleging that the department — and five firefighters in particular — frequently harassed her during her five-year tenure, making rude comments toward her and walking in on her as she showered or changed, all the while denying her career advancements and ignoring complaints about her colleagues' behavior.

Drescher worked as a part-time employee with the Clinton Fire Department from 2008 to 2013. She reportedly made four attempts to earn promotion to full-time status but was rejected each time. She had also filed complaints of sexual harassment with the assistant fire chief and city manager on four occasions, but to no avail.

"[Mrs. Drescher was] denied promotion to full-time employment primarily, if not solely, as a result of her gender," the lawsuit states. "Despite her complaints [of sexual harassment], no remedial actions were taken, and Mrs. Drescher was subsequently retaliated against as a result of her complaints."

The lawsuit also alleges that when Drescher's requests for promotion to full-time were denied, then-Fire Chief Floyd Peterson claimed it was because she was already married to a firefighter, and her test scores were subsequently and deliberately ranked at the lowest of the group. Drescher was refused a look at her scores although other firefighters were allowed. Drescher also alleges that other male candidates with fewer qualifications and less experience were granted full-time status over her.

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