A bar owner in Indiana has been accused of sexual harassment by one of his employees. According to local online sources like The News and Tribune, Roy Davey, who runs R Bar & Grill in Jeffersonville, purportedly touched the complainant, who remains unnamed, inappropriately. 

Court papers reported that Davey put his hand on the employee’s breasts, hit her buttocks and directed sexually inappropriate comments her way throughout the time that she worked at R Bar. Witnesses for the complainant side corroborated those claims.

The woman’s lawyer also accused Davey of proposing that she have sexual intercourse with him so that she wouldn’t have to pay her rent. When Davey’s wife found out about the charges against her husband, she phoned the alleged victim and confronted her by asking if they had sex. The woman said no, but despite her response, Davey’s spouse cut the employee’s hours back to three per week.

”The fact that complainant’s hours had not been reduced prior to the allegations of sexual harassment makes it difficult to eliminate the possibility that [the] respondent’s proffered reason was [the] pretext for reducing [the] complainant’s hours,” Akia Haynes, deputy director of the Indiana Civil Rights Commission, wrote according to court documents. ”It is important to note that [the] respondent was afforded the opportunity to uphold its burden to produce evidence of a nondiscriminatory reason for the adverse employment action. However, it failed to do so. Based upon the above findings, probable cause exists to believe that an unlawful discriminatory practice has occurred.”

It’s important to note that although the allegations against Davey have not resulted in a sexual harassment lawsuit. It is a civil dispute and will go to a mediator to see if a resolution can be attained before going to court.

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